RENNY SYMF was on a plane to LA in 2017, listening to some old tunes he’d worked on with Ay-J and Ruu. After returning home from the states, the three got together and discussed a collaborative EP. Ruu. introduced annelise. to Ay-J and RENNY, changing their overall perspective of the EP’s subject matter, brand and sound. The idea of a collaborative EP between four solo artists transformed into one unit representing a single name; THE DM SZN.

The four-member group execute a steamy track fused with contemporary R&B and classic storytelling in their new release, ‘Foreign’. The soulful, yet seductive soundscapes entice listeners through a stimulating journey of playful flirtation and what’s to come next once the lights dim.

Their year is looking bright when things are put into perspective. Each one of these artists have been working on their solo projects for a few years and are now moving along quickly as THE DM SZN. There’s a lot of exciting work happening, including the launch of their brand new website, a tasty music video for ‘Foreign’ dropping later in May and their first EP (titled ‘VOL. 1’) and launch party at Hustle & Flow Bar on the 22nd of June with the official release the next day!
For the second half the year, their plan is simple. Keep the ball rolling with gigs, music videos, new merch, collaborations with other creatives, THE DM SZN’s next EP and solo project releases.


Executive Coordinator – annelise.
Executive Producer – Ay-J
Executive Manager – RENNY SYMF
Content Manager – Ruu.




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