Jennie Thompson  Founder & Director of  The Cooks Workshop 

Jennie is building a cooking school to empower people through food.    Working in Western Sydney in the arena of health care for 37 years, Jennie became acutely  aware of the disconnect between diet and chronic disease. She believes that tasty, healthy food  does not have to be expensive, time consuming or difficult to prepare. Jennie strives to empower  people to gain more control over their lives with cooking skills that have a positive impact on their

The Cooks Workshop at Dural opened for its first classes in October 2018. It is a cooking school  that has grown from my passion for food and cooking and my drive to make a difference in  the fight against chronic disease. I am excited to be working to bring people and healthy food  together. The Cooks Workshop is a happy place for those who love to experience the delights of  creating with food. We offer small group workshops where everyone creates at their own table.

We offer a myriad of class options, both healthy and speciality. Workshops can be organised for  groups and corporate requirements, meeting their own design and time frame. We have  dedicated a page on our website to listing class ideas and ask for feedback to enable classes to  be presented that people ask for. ​Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our feedback posts.  Tell us what you want to learn in the kitchen and when you want to do it.  To further my goals in creating change around diet and chronic disease I am interested in working with community and business groups who need people trained to make healthy and nutritious meals for themselves or those in their care. I am happy to create a promotion for your listeners, with a free cooking class as the prize or something similar. I am happy to discuss other ideas.



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