Party of the Sin began as a boy band in 1989, under another name that has been since forgotten. 4 handsome young teenagers, Fernando Cordero, Gabriel Sara, Zack Arnstein and Pablo Stagnaro found great success dancing and lip syncing in front of screaming teenagers around the world, showcasing their charisma and powerful set of songs written by producers in their fifties.

A chilean music band We are passionate, ambitious, we believe in ourselves, we love what we do and we know that we can go very far, working with people who love music too!

We are the only owners of our songs and videos. So far we signed a contract with awal (Kobalt) for the digital distribution of the disc and we signed a non-exclusive contract with turner to pass our videos.

Other contracts we have are with code 3 records and tribe of noise for syncs, Kult records, for tv and internet distribution of our videos, all of them non-exclusive.

In addition, our videos and music are being broadcast on some regional and national channels and radios (radio, futuro and others) and several international online streaming channels and sites. We have also played on some independent radio stations in the USA and Europe. We would like to highlight our singles “Another Sun”, “My Head” and “Explode” (We recommend to listen first “Another Sun (short version)” for airplay and then listen the whole album).



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