Hyjinx Band

Hyjinx is 100% live act who perform massive hits from yesterday to today, covering a range of genres to cater for different demographic audiences and occasions. With over 110 songs in their repertoire and growing they can play anything from Bon Jovi, ACDC, and INXS, to Roy Orbison, Olivia Newton-John, and John Farnham, and much much more.

The concept behind Hyjinx is a band of five misfits who have a lot of fun and interact between themselves and the audiences throughout their shows, but also provide a professional performance which is hard to beat. The musicians who make up Hyjinx are all individually talented professionals who work seamlessly together, but all know how create a party atmosphere; making every gig an infectious and enjoyable experience for all who come along.

Alex Blandino joined Hyjinx just over two years ago, and has proven herself to be a formidable front person with her larger then life personality and amazing vocal skills. Her ability to switch from her daily routine as singing teacher and performing opera shows, to then jump into the front seat of a rock show is what separates her from any other singers out there. Who else can sing Phantom of the Opera, and then belt out Highway to Hell perfectly and without breaking a sweat. Alex also recently won an Ace Award for ‘Rising Star’ category, and we are all very proud of her for that achievement.

Steve Cuninghame’s role in Hyjinx apart from being the manager is to provide the male lead vocals as well as keyboards. He has been in the industry since 1991 and has developed his own style of keyboard playing, which could be interpreted as part DJ as he triggers a lot of samples and effects, as well as playing keyboard parts. His ability to recreate sounds almost exactly as you hear on the album gives the band that extra layer of sound and quality. Steve also imitates the vocals of male artists, which in some cases makes the songs more accurate, but in other cases is outright hilarious, often resulting in the rest of the band cracking up on stage!

Rick Delfino joined Hyjinx in 2014 and is part of the furniture. He is not only a fantastic drummer, but has the most outrageous sense of humour, which has us falling in fits of laughter at rehearsals and gigs.

Jonny Fraser started with us not long after Alex joined, and he is the ‘Silent Bob’ of the band. He doesn’t say much but his guitar skills are second to none, plus it helps that he is a qualified sound engineer.

Danny Miccelli joined us last year and fit in straight away. He is a very skilled bass player who has come from doing Blue Brothers shows and Tamworth Music Festivals, among other projects. He also has the same twisted sense of humour as the rest of us, which is really the reason we hired him!

Jonny’s father John Fraser our sound production and lighting guy, and both John and Jonny, apart from being the nicest people you’ll ever meet, bring Hyjinx to the next level. John is our unofficial 6th band member (kinda like the 5th Beatle), and he is part of the family.

It is important to note that Rick, Jonny, and Danny all provide backing vocals as well, which means that Hyjinx can manage up to 5-way harmonies, which along with the strong instruments create a wall of sound that is impressive to hear.

Hyjinx is about to introduce a new concept called ‘The 80’s Machine’ which will be an alternative show bringing all the 80’s music to life, complete with neon lights and effects. A rock show and other concepts are also in the works which will be introduced in the future.



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