I am a practising artist who develops works completely independently and in response to private, public, gallery and competition commissions.

After completing a teaching degree in Poland I migrated to Australia in 1982 with no skills relevant to employment in this country.

A typical migrant story then followed. Numerous jobs in factories, farms, foundries, fruit picking (notice it all starts with an F). A stint at the State Library’s exhibition section and also various theatre equipment companies also exposed me to a range of skills and trades that I didn’t even know existed. I really enjoyed this exposure. I relished the challenge of actually making things, the tactile aspect, the complexity and even the physicality of it. I was no longer the book worm I used to be. In the midst of all this, working more than full time, I managed to complete a sculpture course at East Sydney Technical College. This set my path for the future. By 1996, trying to combine all the skills I had accumulated over the past few years, I started a designer-maker’s business with my then partner, Philippa Johnson.

From 2000 this business became a primarily art focused enterprise. Dozens of successful public art commissions followed. At the same time I was pursuing other avenues such as interior design, landscape art and commercial space fit-outs, which allowed me to build a dedicated client base and I am carrying out commissions for many of these clients to this day.

However, after nearly two decades of being out there and being in the public eye, the time has come to focus on myself. I want to concentrate on a more personal way of doing art.

I have the comfort of fully equipped studio workshops, both for metal and wood working. This gives me total control of the whole artistic process and ensures that the original intention does not “get lost in translation”. So many incarnations – one can always learn in any environment. It’s just all about the passion to learn and explore.

I’m looking forward to see where Gallery H will take me.