Employment & Membership

We are currently looking to take on new people with experience in TV hosting, Social media, Lifestyle, Tourism, Music, Art, Entrepreneurs, Empowerment stories and Video producer to work with us in television, radio, film production, modelling and online content. We are open to all ages and looks. 

Join Our Exclusive Members Network

Benefits of Membership

  1. Your membership contributes to funding the costs associated with Film Production, Events and creating employment opportunities for future entrepreneurs.
  2. A central hub where local artists can collaborate, work together and be promoted. Members will have the opportunity to be a part of the TV Production series throughout the year.
  3. Members have the opportunity to present and participate on our TV Talk show including other productions throughout the year.
  4. Access to mentoring opportunities to give members extra motivation to help them achieve their dreams.
  5. We want to revolutionise the Entertainment Industry – creating our own TV Production series where creative people in our community come together, work together and share resources. Our mission is to support and promote Australian Talent and Entrepreneurs. Together we will help create opportunities in a supportive fun and caring environment for all our members.
  6. VIP invitations to our annual Cocktail party and Film screening.
  7. You can spend your whole life trying to break into the film, fashion, media and music industry – there are no golden rules or strategy of getting your foot in the door, if there was, everybody in Australia would be doing it. “We are creating opportunities where opportunities don’t exist”

Become a member today! Join us for only $99.00 (annual membership)

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